6 décembre 2017


The colocation in china :

When we arrived, there was a problem in front of us, finding a place to live. The first week we were at the hotel with Louis. The hotel was far away and we wanted to make a roommate with other expats like us. The school organized various visits the first week. However, we visited the apartments with all the promotion, which was very complicated and not very obvious to have a chance to find a suitable apartment, especially as the agency offered only a dozen. The other negative was that most of the apartments only had Turkish toilets, and we absolutely wanted European toilets. 

Through his organized visits, we met two French students, Lucas and Pierre, studying at Toulouse Business School and Ecole Supérieure de Commerce in Rennes. We decided to do the research ourselves. The difficulty was finding the right agency, because many are fraudulent and do not understand English.

At the end of the third day of search we were started to despair and be tired by all his vain efforts. But while walking near the school on the Wenjiang campus, we were discussing on the possibility to stay at the hotel, but we found 5 Yuan on the floor, which we picked up. With this one, we decided to buy fruits. While Louis and Lucas were inside paying, two men came to me and explained to me that they were working for the real estate agency next door and that they had apartments to offer us. Luckily one of them spoke perfect English. Being desperate, we followed them, we visited four apartments. One of them was very beautiful with its gardens and small streams in the residence, its large living room and its European toilets. We decided to choose him, and to sign the contract the next day. They explained to us that we had to pay the rent for the 6 months plus the deposit at the same time. This forced us to organize ourselves to get enough money to pay for them. 

Not wishing to be scammed on the contract, we asked for the help of a Chinese student, who took care of us. We made a visit with her, to get her opinion. She agreed with we that the apartment needed a big cleaning and a new sofa. She helped us negotiate these demands in the contract, while checking that everything was in order. Once the payment and the administrative steps finished we had finally our apartment in China.

With hindsight, we could not hope for better roommates with Louis, because Pierre and Lucas became our friends today. We had excellent times together, thanks to them the atmosphere and the good mood were on call. I will never forget those moments spent in this apartment.

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