4 décembre 2017


The Chinese holiday week :

The Chinese have a week of holidays during their school year, it is from October 2nd to 8th. It was an opportunity to travel ! We stayed in Chengdu because we learned that all the monuments and tourist places were invaded by the Chinese, the price of transport and hotels were also very expensive.

This week allowed us to discover Chinese students, indeed we did the sport as basket or foot with the Chinese students were remain on campus. Sport allowed us to get closer to them, because so far we have not had the chance to discuss with them. During an afternoon, I sat with my roommates and Louis in the university park to enjoy the sun. We were pleasantly surprised by Chinese students who wanted to take photos and chat with us. At first we were only 4, but after an hour we were talking with thirty Chinese all around us. They called their friends so that we could discuss with them about our life in France and our motives for coming to China.

We also took advantage of our holiday to visit to the city center, discover the bars and clubs of Chengdu. The Chinese were also very welcoming with us in box, they wish at all costs to offer us glasses. As an european we were a bit considered kings, to be honest it was very nice to see all this craze around us.

Finally, we went to the Fake Market in Chengdu. Inside, there are all the replicas of the biggest brands of watches, shoes, bags and clothes at unbeatable prices for a resemblance really bluffing.

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