4 décembre 2017


Chinese food :

In France, I was somewhat difficult on my diet alimentary, vegetables were not my cup of tea. The departure for China and its culture was a real test for me. In addition, the Sichuan region and Chengdu city are known throughout the world for their spicy foods. When I arrived, I was very happy to find "Pizza Hut", "McDonald's" or "KFC". Rice and pasta were the only ones I dared to try. Nevertheless, it was impossible to eat so little for 5 months. I had to force myself to try new flavor.

I was really surprised by of spices everywhere, it was impossible to escape when you ate chinese. I no longer felt my mouth and my tongue, I'm burning, the food do not have any flavor, I only felt the spices. When I compared the pain with my friends, I felt that it only bothers me. I quickly concluded that I was sensitive to spices. by dint of eating spicy, I tried to get used to a little bit, I tried different local dishes like the "hot pot", a dish with vegetables and meat that bathes in a spicy sauce. Near our university, there had many places to eat, such as "street food". In this street there had typical dishes of the region. It was also delicious. We also have a Japanese, Italian and Moroccan restaurant to diversify our food.  The trips to Shanghai or Beijing were an opportunity to afford French dishes.
The French food is without a doubt what I missed the most during my expatriation but I am happy to have discovered and try all new flavors. I recommend everyone to come and enjoy this spicy food.

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