13 novembre 2017


The visit of the Big Buddha :

The Big Buddha is one of the landmarks of the Sichuan region, located in the city of Leshan. It overlooks the crossing between three rivers, particularly dangerous, we can see the boats carrying tourists washed away by the overpowering current. The story goes that a Buddhist monk made a request for funds but the bureaucrats of the time asking him for a lot of money, he pulled his eyes to affirm his determination. The Buddha was built to protect boats and suppress floods. This gigantic project required 90 years of work to make a statue of 71 meters by 10 meters wide.

On the tourist site, there are also many temples, rivers and gardens. But you have to get ready to go up a lot of walking steps because the area is very mountainous. As in many Chinese tourist sites, the influence of the Buddhist is very present, there can be found monks, as well as many libraries where tables are arranged to study. It was also surprising to walk in a small village inside the site, the locals sell souvenirs or meals to support themselves.

This visit was really beautiful despite the 3 hours of waiting to admire the Buddha from below.

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