13 novembre 2017


The visit of a Buddhist temple :

It seems me impossible to go to China without visiting a Buddhist temple. We went to the center of Chengdu to find the "Wenshuyuan" Monastery. It was built during the Tang dynasty (618 – 907). Inside you can find more than 500 paintings, calligraphies or statues. As a European, one has the impression that all the temples are the same with always this famous Buddha statue in its center, nevertheless each temple honors a different deity. While walking around the different temples, we were lucky to be able to attend  monks prayers with songs and music.

Inside, the monks also distribute food for the poorest people, while offering them to play Ping Pong or badminton.

This spiritual place is lined with small gardens where we could admire the different rivers from bridges typically Chinese. While walking in the different paths of the gardens we also attended a meeting of monks playing the flute, spirituality and rest assured.

To end this visit, we had a tea on a terrace bordering the monastery.

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