5 novembre 2017


The departure to China

After the reunion with Louis at Charles de Gaulle airport, we are ready for a two-day flight to Chengdu city in China. But before, we made a 20 hours stopover in Qatar, which was an opportunity to visit Doha. The first thing that surprised me was the sweltering heat of this city built in the desert. When Walking through the city, the wealth and development of this oil country was exposed on every street corner. After this break we arrived in China, in the euphoria of departure, the first problems like our hotel somewhat unhealthy did not muffle our enthusiasm. Our first day at the University of SWUFE being that in 3 days we took the opportunity to visit downtown Chengdu and soak up the Chinese culture. 

The grandeur of its buildings, its shopping centers, the wealth of its inhabitants driving beautiful cars or its countless luxury shops have swept my apriori. At first I was a little retissant to try the Chinese food that was very spicy in this region, but after the 2nd day, I have try and I can say today that it is very good and very different from what can be found in France.

After 3 days of discovery, we were ready to discover the university and our future comrades.

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