The 2 main differences between Paris and Ho-Chi-Minh City

What strikes me during this internship is the difference between France and Vietnam. Of course, those countries have 2 different culture and I find it interesting to talk about those 2 different ways of life.


Compared to France and especially Paris, Vietnamese are really welcoming and nice to stranger. Even if some of them doesn’t speak English, if I had a question or needed help, they always manage to help me in a way.


Because of the lack of public transport (metro in construction), Ho-Chi-Minh is well known for its motorcycle traffic. There are almost 3 motorcycles per family in Ho-Chi-Minh. Everyone is using it and this is their principal way of transport. Having a car in this city is not very useful due to the traffic jam. Ho-Chi-Minh City is the only place I know where you can see motorcycle traffic jam. It is quite impressive.

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