Conclusion of my internship

This internship was a very rewarding experience for me. I was able to discover another face of the sale position, with a pure sales representative job. This internship allowed me to know more about a sector that is attracting me a lot. In addition, I was able to discover how to work on events and a little bit about tourism business.

I had the chance to do this internship in a company, which allowed me to discover and understand the company as a whole, and not just one part of it. With the different assignments that I have been given, I have also learned a lot about the sales, event and travel sectors.

I will end with my personal feelings about this internship, and its influence on my professional project. This internship brought me a lot, from a personal point of view. Because of the great freedom that we had to organize our daily work, I greatly developed my autonomy of work. I felt like being part of the staff and participated directly to the life and the business of the TDT Company.

As far as my professional project is concerned, I realized that this internship allowed me to realize that the sale sector interested me a lot.

Finally, I am very proud to see that I met the expectations of my supervisor, who welcomed me for this internship, trusted me and congratulated me for my work and my involvement.

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