4 juin 2018

Summary of courses chosen

For this semester in GMIT, I choose the program Marketing & Sales. For validate this semester, I had to have 30 credits ECTS. In GMIT, one subject is 5 credits ECTS, so I choose 6 subjects in this module. 


  • Integrated Marketing Communications 


In this module, there were four hours per week: two lectures and two tutorials. The teacher was Carol Killarney. In this module, we didn’t have to pass exams at the end of the semester. Indeed, it was continuous assessment. 

Per group of 2, we had to create an integrated marketing communications campaign for a product. This project was 100% of the mark of this module. I did this project with Nicolas Louard, an Ipagien. Our product was organic clothes for city dogs. 

I really like this module. Indeed, with Nicolas, we had the possibility to have fun and let express our imagination while staying in a school and serious frame. We had to study the dog clothing market of Ireland, to create a slogan, a logo, posters, … Every two weeks, we had to do a return a file to the teacher and sometimes we had to make a presentation in front of the class. 


  • Consumer Behaviour 


In this module, there were 2 lectures and 1 seminar per week. The module was assessed through a combination of continuous assessment (30%) and final exam (70%). The teacher was also Carol Killarney. 

I was always happy to go to this module because the courses of Carol Killarney were also clear and well explained. The class was presented on PowerPoint and Carol Killarney put it on the Moodle online (learnonline.gmit.ie). 


  • Internet Technology


In this module, there were 3 hours of practice per week: 2 hours on the Monday and 1 hour on the Tuesday. The teacher was Clare O’Connor. For validate this module, we didn’t have to pass a final exam: we had a MCQ (20%) about our knowledge and a project (80%). 

For the project, we had to be in group of 4. I was with Nicolas and two Austrians girls of our class. The purpose of this project was to develop a Responsive Web Site using Dreamweaver CC. We choose to do a website of a frozen yogurt brand: Framstastic.  It was a big project which ask us a lot of work. In addition of the website, we had to do a Project Report who should contain the following: an introduction, a purpose, the audience, a site schematic, a wireframe, a content, a colour scheme, etc. 

But once finished, I was very proud of me and my group to have achieved this project: it was a lot of work and not very easy. 


  • Event Management 1


In this module, we had two lectures and one tutorial. The teacher was Monica Nielsen. The objective of this module was to enable us to effectively organise and plan a variety of events. During this semester, we learned several things like the principal stages in planning an event, the strategy for creating and co-ordinate key aspects to an event, how identify event elements, how manage an event, how evaluate an event., … 

The 27thFebruary, we organized with the class a sales seminar for all the students and teacher of the university. This event was a lot of work and organization for us. Each student had a task to do: for me, it was the equipment of the room of the seminar. This work was worth 40% of the mark of this module.  

In March, we had a little test about our knowledges who was worth 20% of the mark of this module. The remaining 40% were for the final exams. 


  • Spanish Language and Culture 


In this module, we had 4 hours per week. The teacher was Nigel Morgan. This module was examined by continuous assessment (50%) and final exams (50%). For the continuous assessment, we did a lot of things: a written in class, a film essay (Ocho apellidos catalanes), a listening comprehension and an oral examination. 

I found the method of work of Nigel Morgen very performant. Indeed, during this semester, I really improved my Spanish (both oral and written). We worked a lot on the grammar and the comprehension. Every Tuesday, we went to the room with the computer for work the oral comprehension. 


  • Digital Marketing 


In this module, we had 2 lectures and 1 practice. The teacher was Andrea Moloney. For validate the module, we had a group project who was worth 40% of the mark, the rest was for the final exam. 
For the project, we were 5 per group. The teacher chooses the group for mix Erasmus and Irish students. The purpose of this project was to do a marketing plan of a brand: our brand was Fields, a jewellery Irish company. Andrea Moloney gave us the summary of the project and with my group we divided the tasks. I had to do the situation analysis, the market summary, the market needs and the market trends of the company. 

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