4 juin 2018

Expatriation Summary

As part of our third year at IPAG BUSINESS SCHOOL, we had the opportunity to spend the year internationally. 

For the second semester, I had to chance to effectuate my university exchange at the university of Galway in Ireland: GALWAY MAYO INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY. 



Ireland occupied most of the island of Ireland, the other part being Northern Ireland, a nation of the United Kingdom. Its capital is Dublin. Ireland is part of the European Union since 1973. Its currency if the euro. 


Galway is the fourth largest city in the Irish Republic after Dublin, Cork and Limerick. In the city of Galway, there are two universities: NUI and GMIT. I did my Erasmus in GMIT: Galway-Mayo University of Technology. 


GMIT was founded in 1972. The name of the university was Regional Technical College Galway. It was renamed GMIT since 1997. Today, the president of GMIT is Dr Fergal J. Barry. In GMIT, there are 9000 students. 



During this semester in Galway, I have been able to organise myself financially between the accommodation, the food, the bus ticket, to go out with my friends, etc. 

I found my accommodation with the agency Eazy City Galway. They propose single rooms and double rooms in the center and near the center of Galway. I choose a double room in the center of Galway. 



For this semester in GMIT, I choose the program Marketing & Sales. For validate this semester, I had to have 30 credits ECTS. In GMIT, one subject is 5 credits ECTS, so I choose 6 subjects in this module: Integrated Marketing Communications, Consumer Behaviour, Internet Technology, Event Management, Spanish Language and Culture and Digital Marketing. 


During this semester I encountered some difficulties. 

The language was the first difficulty. Indeed, follow lessons in English with the strong Irish accent of the teachers, speak English with your roommates, buy food in English, etc were very destabilising at first because my English was not very good. But, with the time, I used to live with this language, and I improve a lot. 

Start the semester at the university in January was for me a real difficulty. Indeed, most of the Erasmus were there since September and stayed in Galway for one year. There were all very close friends, so I was difficult for us to be integrated in their group. Hopefully, with the time, we learned to know each other’s, and I spend a very nice semester.



I perform my knowledge about the study of marketing (create a marketing campaign, focus on the consumer, etc) and I learned a lot of new things like the digital marketing or how create an event. 


I improved a lot my English during this semester in Galway. Today, I can speak normally and joke with my friends, and I can easily follow a lesson at school in english. 



On the personal plan, these 5 months have been for me a very rewarding experience. Indeed, I gain insurance and I learned to deal with news situations. 

On the cultural plan, I learned a lot of things during this semester. I visited also a lot of beautiful places like the Giant Causeway in Belfast, the Cliffs of Moher, the Connemara, the Aran islands, Dublin, etc. 


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