1 mai 2018

The Connemara

Last week, I went to the Connemara. The Connemara is a region located in the west of Ireland in the County of Galway. 

In this region, there are a lot of beautiful landscape who attracts a lot of tourists. Indeed, after the sheep farming and the peat exploitation, the principale ressource of the region of the Connemara is the tourist. 

In this region, we can visit the Connemara National Park, the Kylemore Abbey, the Victoria Walled Garden, Clifden who is the capital city of the Connemara. 

In Galway, there are a lot of company who organize a tour in the region of the Connemara. I was with my family, who came to visit me, so we went to this region by car. It was a very nice day. Indeed, we had the time to do what we want because we didn't have a schdule to respect and the weither was perfect (a lot of sun!). 


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