25 février 2018

Party in Galway

Galway is a very nice city for go out. Indeed, there are two universities, so there is a lot of students who want out. 
Galway is a very typical city. We can find a lot of pub with groups who play their songs and concerts. The majority of all the pub are in the main street of Galway. The most popular pub where we go with my friends  are the King Head, the Quays, the Front Door, … All these pub are very nice, we can go for diner, for drink a beer, for listen the different groups or dance ! In all these pubs, we are sure to find a lot of student. 
There are also in Galway some nightclub like the DNA, the Four-Four or the Electric. All these nightclub are also very nice, with some different music so we can vary each week. 
The nightclub are more expensive the weekend than the week. Indeed, the weekend, there is not a lot of student because all the Irish student come back to their home. So, we go out more often during the week, except the Tuesday. I don’t know why but not a lot of people go out the Tuesday. People prefer to stay home or go to the cinema. Indeed, the entrance in cinema is 5 euros on Tuesday for the students instead of 10 euros the rest of the week. 
All the Thursday, we go with all our erasmus group to the Massimo. It is a pub with Spanish song. It is very nice and different than the other pub and nightclub. It is sometime cool to change the type of music and have another ambiance. 
Parties in Ireland are very different than in France. Indeed, all the pub and nightclub close at 2 am, max at 2.30 am. Sometimes, it is good because we are not very tired the morning for go to the university. But sometimes, we would like to continue to party ! 

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