7 juin 2017

What is currently the strategy of ISIS?

Founded in 2006, ISIS (Islamic state of Iraq and Syria) is just known by the public since 2013-2014. In fact, this jihadist group started between 2012 and 2013 to invade Syria and Iraq and proclaimed a caliphate and all these territories in 2014.  

After an exponential conquest of territories, ISIS has faced the international coalition and is losing more and more land and important cities. So, right now, they are cornered and don’t have striking force on their territories in Syria and Iraq.


As we saw in Europe, the strategy is now to sow terror all over the world, and particularly in democratic end developed countries, which are the opposite of the ISIS’s ideology.

This is one of the reason of the multiplication of attacks all over Europe, but also in Syria, Iraq, and near countries like Turkey or Iran.

Find solitary wolves, psychologically unstable and easily manipulated, who can act alone, with guns or even knives, this is one of the most important part of the strategy of ISIS. The goal is only to show that we are not secure, everywhere we are.

Map of people killed and injured by terrorist attack from May 2014 to July 2016


The procedures of attacks are varied:

  • With guns, as we saw two times in Paris with the attacks of Charlie Hebdo and the Bataclan
  • With cars or trucks, like in Nice the last year or in London, two times during the three last months
  • With bombs, like in Manchester two weeks ago

To don’t show that they are losing land in Syria and Iraq, ISIS want to show that their ideology is not dead and that they soldier all over the world.

Which are the means to stop them? This is the question that so many states are trying to answer.  How it is possible to spy on anyone who is suspected of terrorist activity? The governments and secret services know they have to improve the way to prevent terrorist attacks.

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