7 juin 2017

Presentation of Germany

In this article, I will specifically talk about the country where I did my academic semester, Germany. I really liked this country, which was a discovery for me (I just passed 3 days in Berlin 3 years ago, so I didn’t know well the country), I enjoyed my time and it is why I wanted to write about this beautiful and warm country.

Germany is a country of central Europe. With a population of approximatively 83 million inhabitants, is the most populous country of Europe. Germany has four metropolises with more than one million inhabitants: Berlin, the capital city, Hamburg, Munich and Cologne.


The official language is the German. The currency is the Euro.

It is also the first economic power of Europe and the fourth in the world, leads by Angela Merkel, widely perceived as the most influential political figure in the European Union. The European central bank is based in Frankfurt, considered as the financial capital of Germany.

Germany is also an appreciated country. In 2013, 2014 and 2016, it was elected the most appreciated country in the world. Like you understand, Germany is certainly one of the best country to study for a semester in Europe.

But over all these facts and this description of the country, I really like the way to leave in Germany, in Cologne, but also in other cities that I visited like Munich, Leverkusen or Berlin.

There is also some incredible landscape and a beautiful nature in Germany.


German people is generally very friendly, and it is very interesting and fun to talk with them.

Germany do not have a “sexy” image, but this country is amazing, and you do not have to stay blocked on the stereotypes (machines workers, cold people, etc.) because some people is different than the German caricature and really nice to discover.

There is also some incredible landscape and a beautiful nature in Germany.

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