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My internship happens (ongoing) in a Chinese company has its headquarters in Hong Kong. My position as an intern is really interesting as I am a Sales & Marketing Executive, and it comes with a bunch of responsibilities. This company is a China-based (I will explain later the particularity with Hong Kong/Zhuhai) specialist sourcing firm that is dedicated to serving as a direct “link” between Western clients and the most qualified Chinese factories.In the Sales & Marketing department, my mission was to maintain and develop our database of clients, mainly from North America and Europe, especially Spain and Italy. Maintaining contact with clients, performing quotations and processing orders after initial training. Work with local design agencies to develop our brand and create marketing materials which are suitable for western markets were my first assignment. Then, translation and marketing to mainland Europe. I was working on the translation of our website and marketing materials, then assisting colleagues in sales and marketing for our target markets, in order to develop new business opportunities in mainland Europe.

The requirements

  • Highly motivated, independent students with degrees in business, trade or design were preferred.
  • Some Chinese knowledge and only natives of other European languages were considered (eg. French, Spanish, German…).

While working on the report, I have tried to follow each and every guideline that was advised. It has been a very enlightening experience to work in this Chinese company and I have thoroughly enjoyed my internship period at Linkan. The authority of Linkan has also extended their cooperation whenever required, according to the intern knowledge in foreign languages and in Sales & Marketing or Design.

Firstly I will present the organization of the company, in a second part I will introduce the main tasks and difficulties of my internship, finally I will sum up every learning of this useful job at Linkan.

Personal learning :

During this time in China, I lived in an host family for 3 months, then in my own apartment. I decided to choose this become I wanted to know first about the culture, and then to get my first time living by myself, which would prepare me to next year during which I will go to the Italian University called La Sapienza in Rome. During this expatriation I have confirmed some points of my own personality : for instance the fact that I am not at all an aggressive person and always open to a talk with somebody. Some people would say that it is not good for business because you have to be harsh but I definitively think that it is only another way to deal with a business. My fired colleague is this kind of « aggressive » people, and with his awesome and determinate speech he is the perfect seller, but I am more based on long-term relationship I would say.

Something really important I learned here in China was the fact that I was willing not to work in France in a medium or long term period later. In fact I think I would be missing so many things abroad, and I think that even if many French companies/groups are still strong (LVLH, Dassault, Renault, etc.) and that I would be glad to find a job in those entities but it would be in a foreign branch of the company, maybe managing the development of those one.

One of the reasons is the mentality which may be pessimistic and not enough moving but I totally respect the choice of the people, I always grew up in France near Paris, but I do not want to stay there. Writing this report from China, I feel like when we are in Paris we can quickly fall in a routine, something I do not want (yet?). Maybe because I have been living in a developing country for more than 4 months now, and I saw all the opportunities present in this place. In fact, in Zhuhai and its province called Guangdong I saw so many possible businesses, and already created a list of potential ones which I want to study during my two next years in IPAG Business School.

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