7 novembre 2017

Daily life of a student in Helsinki

My Budget


Before moving to Helsinki, I built a budget based on information from HOAS (for housing price) and my search about Finnish standard of living (nutrition, transport, etc.):

  • Housing (50%): this is my main expenditure. It represents half but it is also budget point of reference. Indeed, when I was building my budget, I decided to spend the same amount in the following items.
  • Nutrition (35%): Finnish and French prices in supermarkets are identical. So, I get used to deal with this level of prices. Nevertheless, I notice some differences, for example concerning soda and cookies. Those types of good are more expansive, because of sugar tax setting up to encourage Finnish consumers to eat healthy.
  • Transport (3%): Transport in Helsinki is cheaper than in Paris. With my HSL card, I can take public transport for less than one euro per day. This price fits in with Finnish sustainable development policy in order to set up a strong public transport network and to reduce the use of cars.
  • Discover Finland (12%): I decided to save money from previous jobs to be able to travel and discover Finland. Helsinki, as a capital, is influenced by globalization, but a way to discover Finland is visiting other cities (like Tampere, Turku, Oulu, etc.), and understand their way of life less influenced by the globalization than Helsinki.

My accommodation: HOAS


Universities of Helsinki have created an organization, HOAS, in order to help students, and especially exchange students, to find an apartment. we can choose if we want to have our own apartment, or a share apartment with others to have a shared bedroom. Because I want to meet friends, I choose to share my HOAS apartment with two other roommates.

I am very satisfied of this apartment because, it is in a good location (at 10 minutes from my university, 3 min from a supermarket, and 15 from the center of Helsinki), and it offered several practical services (laundry, bike shed, sauna, etc.).

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