24 octobre 2017

From Helsinki to Saint Petersburg

Last week, I went to Saint Petersburg (Russia). What an amazing experience !


What did I visit ? 

DSC_7136 copieCatherine Palace 

This palace is situated at Pouchkine, near to St Petersburg and was built in the XVIIIth century for Empress Elizabeth the First. This Empress called this castle "Catherine Palace" in honor of her mother. The most famous room is this palace is the Chamber of Amber. This room was plundered during the World War II by Nazis, but the current Chamber is a perfect reconstitution of the first one.   

DSC_7432 copieHermitage Museum 

This monument, classified in the UNESCO world heritage, is the third bigger museum in the world after the Louvre and the Metropolitain museum. In the Russian museum, we can see around 60 000 works of art from the Antiquity to the classic period. Before being a museum, the Hermitage was an emperor palace during the XVIIIth and XIXth century.   

Auferstehungskirche_(Sankt_Petersburg)Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ

St Petersburg is famous for its cathedrals. One of the principal is Church of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. The name of this orthodox church refers to Emperor Alexander II’s assassination which took place at the place in 1881. Like many orthodox church, walls are very decorated by golden or other precious materials; that’s why, during the Russian Revolution (1917), the Church of the Resurrection was sacked. Consequently, The Church was closed but the Soviet government and was opened again by the Nazis during the World War II as food warehouse.   


Relations between Russia and Finland

DSC_7452 copie

In 2015, Finland knew an economic slowdown due to the Russian sanctions against the European Union (whose Finland takes a part). Indeed, Russia is the principal supplier of Finland, so every modification from Russia against EU has a direct impact for Finland.

  • In 2015, Russia depreciated ruble, consequently, Finnish imports from Russia became very expansive, so economic growth of Finland was slowdown this year.
  • Daily, Finnish and Russian governments try to develop their collaboration especially for forest products. In fact, Finland is the first exporter of this raw materials to Russia. 
  • Russia and Finland have an Agreement : tourists arrving from the Finland can travel to St Petersbug without visa if they stay less than 72 hours and if they travel by boat. This less restrictive rule has increased tourism in St Petersburg and Helsinki (many boat to St Petersburg leave from the harbor of Helsinki 

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