3 octobre 2017

Be a real Finn and go to national Parks

Between Finns, their forests and their lacks, a strong love story has been forged since time immemorial. If Finns are not known as globetrotters, it is because they are satisfied with the diversity of their landscapes. They are very respectful for nature because they consider they owe everything to nature:  

  • Leisure: In the summer, Finns go to national parks to practice sports such as canoe, cycling or hiking. When climate become too cold, they practice in the national park skiing, swim in frozen lacks, etc.
  • Source of food: When autumn is coming, they pick in the forests berries, mushrooms, they hunt game (mostly moose), and they fish. Compare to other European countries those kinds of activity can be old fashion, but in Finland, every generations practice these activities.
  • Mökki: for holidys and for week-ends, Finns live in their mökki. This is a small cottage, lost in the forest. Most of Finns have one and use it regular (at least twice a month)

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National parks take a real part of their culture. For the century of the independence of Finland (December 6th 2017), the government has inaugurated the fortieth national park of Finland; Hossa national park (Kainuu region, near to Russian boundary). Other famous Finnish national park are Urho Kekkonen in Lapland, Tilikkajärvi in Carelia and Leivonmäki in Lackland. 

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Going to Nuuskio national park (less than one hour from the center of Helsinki) was the opportunity to make in practice advice I learn during photography option at Ipag Business School:

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