19 septembre 2017

Travel to Tallinn, Estonia

The second week-end, I travelled to Tallinn with some friends. Tallinn is situated at two hours of Helsinki, perfect to visit the capital to another European country. 

Estonian Parliament 

The etymology of Tallinn means “cattle”. In fact, it is easy to understand why; the cattle dominate the city and nowadays it is the Estonian parliament, one of the most important institution in Estonia. Moreover, there are still some vestiges of ramparts which protected before the city. Today, we can visit the ramparts and the towels.

parlementparlement 2

Alexander NEVSKI cathedral

cathédrale KEVSKY

If you stay in Tallinn, go to Alexander NEVSKI cathedral. This well-known cathedral was built when Estonia belonged to Russia. That explains the Russian style of the cathedral. Estonian wanted to destroy this cathedral after the independence of Estonia, because this cathedral reminded to much Russian occupation.

Kadriorg Castle 


Situated at 2km of the dowtown of Tallinn, Kadriorg was baroque cattle built after the War of the North (a war between Russia and Sweden empire from 1655 to 1661, at that time Estonia was one region of Russia territory). Currently, the palace is a museum and hosts the foreign art department and the presidential residence.  

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