12 septembre 2017

24h in Helsinki !

If you only stay 24 hours in Helsinki, you should do three things to understand Finnish atmosphere: the Lutheran Cathedral (an emblem of Helsinki), a sauna (a typical Finnish manners) and the Fazer Café (famous Finnish chocolate). 

Lutheran Catheadral

Cathédrale Helsinki

Built by the famous Finnish architect ENGEL, the Lutheran Cathedral is this emblem of Helsinki. Why ? 

  • Because this catheadral hosts the most popular religious in Finland: protestantism. 84% of Finns (4,4 million) belong to the Lutheran Protestant Church. 
  • Because this cadredal is situated near to the presidential palace and the Senate. So Alexander III Place, the place in front of Lutheran cathedral is the place where Finnis usually celebrate political and historical events. For example, this year will be the the centuary of Finland Independence. Many manifestations take place in Alexander III Place, and December 6th (the anniversary of the Finnish Independance), Finns will gather at this place. 

Sauna Kotiharju

Sauna Kotiharju

If you visit Helsinki, try Sauna Kotiharju, in Kallio district. This traditional public sauna has existed since 1928. This sauna is heated with the wood fire. In Finland, sauna is a reel institution in their culture.

  • Sauna is used for medecinal reasons. In fact, dry air of the sauna facilitates blood circulation, and in a very cold country, it is very important because cold slows down the circulation.
  • Sauna is also important because it is a user-friendly moment in family but also with colleagues. It is common in Finland, to be invited in a sauna party with friends, family, etc. It is a way of meeting up with some friends and discuss. 

Karl Fazer Café

Karl Fazer Café

This café is as famous as the same named chocolate maker. Created in 1891, this café is very well-known because it is offer one of the most tastyhot chocolate of Helsinki. It is a good thing in a country where the population drinks on average four coffee per day.

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