5 septembre 2017

My new country: Finland


Finland (Suomi in Finnish) is one of the Nordic country; It has a common boundary with Sweden, Norway and Russia. This is the nineteenth economic power of the world with €201.70 billions of gross domestic product in 2015; 68.7% of this GDP is services. In 2015, the country knows 0.3% of growth due to the bankrupt of Nokia and to sanctions of the first Finnish commercial partner: Russia (Russian sanctions concern European Union whose Finland is a member).


Since 1917, year of the independence of Finland against USSR, the country is a democratic and parliamentarian Republic. The president is elected by the universal suffrage for six years. Currently, the president is M. Sauli NIINISTÖ, a conservative member, since February 5th, 2012. Furthermore, since 2015, the president of the Parliament is M. Juha SIPILÄ, from centrist party. As a member of the European Union, Finland (through its 13 deputies of European Parliament) defends a closer collaboration between member states. Besides, Finland is a member of Schengen area.

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The national day is on December 6th. This day, Finnish people celebrate the independence of their country. In 2017, a lot of festivals, events, etc. are organized, for the first century of this independence. Due to the installation of a lot of minorities in its territory, Finland is lay state which advocates freedom of religion; 78% of Finnish people are Lutheran, but there are many other religions such as Suomen Vapaakirkko (Free protesting church of Finland), Islam or Adventist of Finland. 

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