Meissen Procelain

Let's talk about Meissen one more time but this time, about its famous porcelain. Thanks to the HTW university and the course "Introduction to German Business", I went to see the porcelain manufactury of Meissen.

It was developped in 1708 and was the first hard-paste porcelain in Europe. Porcelain was first developped in China but it was a prosperous market and rich people bought a lot of it at a high price. It was for people with rafinated taste.

The famous trademark of Meissen porcelain is a crossed sword logo developped in 1720 and before that it was some initials. This logo changed a lot over the years because some people imitated the logo on other porcelain cheaper.


So during the visit of the factory, we watch a video explaining the history of the porcelain in Meissen and how it was developped then we go to differents rooms. In the first one we see someone using clay and making a cup.

In the second room we see someone puting pieces of clay together and doing some modifications.


In the third room we see someone decorating the pieces like plates, cups, etc. She puts some colors with drawings on it after the clay was baked.


After that, we went to the museum part with a lot of differents pieces. The guide explained how some pieces were made, told us some stories about the people who made them, etc. For exemple, one of them promised to the king that he could put some gold painting on porcelain before it was baked. No one could do this before. At the end, he couldn't do it and made the king think that he did it by puting some gold painting after it was baked.

Here some pictures of the museum :

20171215_105807_resized    20171215_112202_resized  20171215_111210_resized    20171215_112725_resized 20171215_111729_resized            20171215_113111_resized

Here are some pieces that I really like. There are monkeys that represented the King's court. I find them really funny and very reprensentatives of how people were with the King :


Finally, I'll talk about Saxonia, the Saxon Statue of Liberty. It is the largest freestanding porcelain sculpture in the world. It was created for the 25th year of the Germany's reunification. Its dress has 8000 handmade Meissen porcelaine blossoms.


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