Somewhere between administration papers and Dresden

My second week in Dresden was mostly about administration’s papers. I had to confirm that I choose the courses that I wanted. I decided to take 6 courses : International HRM, Supply Chain management, International Business Strategy, Corporate Responsibility, Introduction to Business in Germany and German as a foreign language. When I attended the courses, it was mostly about the topics that we will talk about, the kind of work we will have to give, etc.

Then there is something that everyone should do when they come to live in Germany, even if it is for a short time. We have to register at the city hall. You have to bring a proof of address, the paper that prove that you are studying in Germany and your ID card or passport. You’ll have to answer a few questions there but it is really quick. But there is a lot of people who come to the city hall to register or to do other things so you need to come early. I waited around 3-4 hours.

I also needed to open a bank account in Germany because the place where I rent a room, ask for a german bank account. I took an appointment with the Sparkasse, so that I can have someone who speak in English. The appointment went pretty well, the banker was really nice and we talked a lot about a lot of different stuffs. So I opened a bank account and I don’t need to pay any fees for the card or anything else. I really recommend this kind of bank instead of big bank like Deutsche bank, because they don’t really pay attention to foreign students who are not big clients and they ask you to open a bank account on their website, without giving you information and help.

Finally on the weekend, Gioia, Margaux and me, wanted to take a break and we decided to go to the Neustadt in Dresden. It didn’t go as we planned, there wasn’t anything to do so we just walked there and then we saw the Elbe river. We decided to walk along the river in the direction of the Altstadt, where we usually are. It was really beautiful and peaceful. We walked around 5km.

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