My first week in Dresden

I'm finally in Dreden in Germany, the city where I'll live, study, meet people for 5 months. I never went to Germany although I have been studying german for 9 nine years and I find it really important to go to Germany for at least 2 months, to improve my level in german.

So I'm studying in HTW Dresden, a university where most of the Erasmus students study International Business and Engineering.

HTW Dresden

During the first day, the director of HTW did a quick introduction of how the university works and a reprentative of the city Dresden also spoke about the things we can see, some places to visite, …

Then a barbecue was organize in order to meet new people. I met some people from Brazil, Spain, Czech republic and also some french people. It was really fun. Usually when people hear me speaking in french with my friend Gioia (also from IPAG BS), the french people come to us and start to talk with us because when we are alone in a foreign country, it makes us feel safe to hear some french languauge. A lot of party were planed to meet people, to make friends which was really good.


During the first week, I also needed to take the keys of my room. I asked for a room in this plateform :

It is like a student residence where young people, germans or foreigners, can apply to have a room when they come in Dresden to study or to work. There is a lot of choice but there are also a lot of people so you have to apply early if you want to have the room that you asked. I wanted a flat for myself but unfortunately there wasn't any left so they put me in a shared flat. There are 8 rooms for 8 people, a common kitchen and 4 bathrooms (one for two).


Dreden is divided in two parts the Altstadt and the Neustadt. On the weekend I visited some places in the Altstadt, which is really beautiful. Here some pictures :

Zwinger Zwinger Theaterplatz Semperoper  Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité Fürstenzug Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité

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