Mission export – Burger King en casa

So Burger king en casa is a concept of Barcelona which allows the Burger king’s customers in Barcelona to order directly from the Burger king’s application what they want, whenever they want it and it will be deliver to their home.

Nowadays, more and more people want to order food to their home it’s an advantage because you don’t have to move and there is not difference of price (maybe 1€ of delivery).


Burger king understood this and saw that there was an opportunity to win customers because for example mcdonald’s don’t offers this service, so they have create the Burger king’s app to delivery food at home.

They offer this service in many countries as Spain or England but not yet in France.

They will win with this service a lot of customers because people likes this kind of service where food can be delivery directly at home.


So, I decided to take this service to import it in France because I think that this can be a very good idea for all the french citizens.

Having seen how it's work in Barcrlona, I am sure it will be a good service for the french, they will be able to order directly by the burker king's app whatever they want and this something that Mcdonlads for example don't do.


The problem is that all the shop have to change the system and it will cost 100 000€ to change it because without the new system they will not be able to receive the order of the client.

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