Life in Barcelona

Here in Barcelona, people begin and finish their work late, indeed the rhythm

from Barcelona or even Spanish because it is so almost everywhere in the country, is of 10-20h from Monday to Friday with a break of 14-16h


Indeed Spanish eat very late, you will always find when to have dinner at 11 pm, for them the dinner is not before 9 or 10 pm. This is due to their late rhythms because the Spanish day is different with regard to the French day, we take more time to do things in Spain and we are less pressed


What also makes the charm of this city it is the beach, there is a beach in Barcelona and others around barcelona as in badalona, sitges or masnou.

The sun being often present in this city, the beach has a big importance and is essential.


Furthermore, there is a lot of tourists, thus the inhabitants of Barcelona are used to the tourists and are very pleasant with people who are not Spanish.


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