Camp nou

The camp nou:


1 week after I arrived to Barcelona I went to the Camp nou with a friend to watch Barcelona- Atletico Madrid, the first against the second, Messi against Griezmann, one of the game the most important for both time in “La Liga” because at this moment Barcelone had 4 more point than Atletico if they win, they will be at 95% champion, if they lose Atletico will have a chance to finish champion so the suspense will last.


20 minutes after the beginning of the game Messi scores a beautiful free kick, Barcelona 1, Atletico Madrid 0.

Despite the desire of the players of the capital, they could not score, Barcelona won the game and surely also the championship.


Even if we saw just 1 goal it was a very good game with two good teams it was really pleasant, but what I remember the most is the stadium atmosphere it was really unbelievable this passion of the fan for their players and mostly for Messi, they were singing during more than 90 minutes, all of them behind their team, and at the end all a city which were happy.


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