I did my internship in AlcamBarceloma which is a touristic apartment agency from the 5th of March to the 06th of July.

The team was composed by Oscar the CEO, Sonia the manager, Alejandro responsible of reservation and other members as Christopher, Leyre or Kristina and other in internship as me.

I had three different working hours, the first one from 08 am to 04 pm, then from 12 am to 08 pm or from 03 pm to 11 pm.


I have chosen this company because I wanted an internship where I could speak several languages, interact with the client and also learn about administrative tasks, and with this internship, I knew I could do everything, and that’s true.


After a period of formation of 10 days, I start to work alone and to take responsibility.

The main tasks of the internship at the beginning was check-in, check-out and in parallel a case study about Cuba.

Concerning the check-in, they were almost all in the office but for some check-in we had to go to the apartment to do it, it was for the apartment far away from the office like in Sitges or Badalona which is 20/25 minutes by car or the luxury apartment.

When the client arrives at the office we show him a video about the apartment explaining all the rules.

We have to fulfill the contract to sign it the client has also to sign it, to fulfill the paper of the tourist tax and then the client has to pay the price of the apartment (sometimes it was already paid at the moment of the reservation) the touristic tax which is 2,48€ by the number of persons and by night.

The last thing they had to pay was the deposit of 300€ and if everything is okay in the apartment when they leave, we give it back to them.

Now the check-out, when the client left the apartment we had to go to the apartment and check if everything is okay or if they have broken something or anything else.

When we finished to check we come back to the office and do the refund of 300€ if the apartment was in good condition, if not we have to send the pictures of the problem to the manager because she know how many we have to take from the deposit to solve the problem or buy what was broke.

When I had neither check-in or check-out I had a case study about Cuba, this is one of the first things I did when I came to AlcamBarcelona, I was with Alejandro and we worked together about it.

First I had to make a research on Booking and AirBnB of all the apartment in Cuba with at least 2 bedrooms and then to do the same for the hotel and compare it.

Then we continue with other research until finding a conclusion about the relation between the apartment and the hotel in Cuba.


After one month and a half, there was a change, Leyre and Christopher have left the company and Alejandro or Kristina could not do everything all the weekend so I had to take more and more responsibility I worked with Alejandro and he showed me how to make reservation and gave me the phone of the company so I had to talk to the client and resolve problems.


Our apartments are in Booking Expedia, Airbnb or other platform so when the client made his reservation on this platform we received an email and you had to make the reservation on our system, it was not really difficult but we had to do it very carefully without any errors.


Then I had the company's phone, it was a little stressful because it did not stop to ring, and sometimes the client was really angry because they had a problem so I had to be really professional and understand really what the client wanted to solve the problem.


To finish I also made translation text from French to Spanish, Spanish to French or English to Spanish and I made travel reports because we also offer touristic travel in Egypt or Italy.


To conclude, I liked this 4 months in AlcamBarcelona, I learned a lot of things and the internship was what I looked for, so I am really happy to have spent 4 months in this company.


planing of the month

planning of the day



Planning of the day                                                                                                                                                                            Planning of the month

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