My internship



I did my internship At AlcamBareclona which is an apartment rental agency, one of the best of Barcelona thanks to its value and its relation with its clients.


I have chosen this company because I wanted something where I could be autonomous and to earn experience about customer relationship and how to manage everything.


The real estate sector is a sector that has always attracted me so it seemed to me logical to do my internship in this sector.

Moreover, Barcelona is a very touristic city so I knew that I would develop my linguistic skills both in Spanish and also in English. Being of moroccan origin I could help the company because there were a lot of moroccan tourist who came to the office and most of them did not speak neither English or Spanish and it’s also better for the customer to have someone who speak the same language as them, they feel more confident.

This internship allowed me as I told it before to develop my linguistic skills but also to learn how to manage my self in front of the client during the visit for example and to manage all the planning to be on time everywhere.




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