Synthèse des cours choisis

Concerning the class I had in the TEC, I had 6 classes which I had to choose the 2nd of August.

It’s not the same than at IPAG where the classes are the same for all the student, there everyone has to choose his own class.

At the beginning, I did not really know which classes I was going to choose because there were a lot of courses and I had to choose the good one because I could not cancel it after.

So, I have chosen those 6 classes:

  • Negotiation and communication
  • Negotiation and international business
  • Value chain
  • Spanish
  • Human resources
  • International finance.

The way of teaching of each teacher was not the same, each one has his own way to teach.

My class of negotiation and communication was a class where we had to do almost all the work in group. The first class we had to choose a group of 5 people and it was our group of work for all the semester. We had during all the class 1 hour and a half of explanation of the professor, then 1 hour and a half of work by group. At the end of the semester we had a presentation of a product that we had to implant in Monterrey so the presentation was to present the product and the result of planting it in the city.

Negotiation and international business was a class in which we had a book to read before each class, and at the beginning of each class we had to answer to 3 questions about the text and then during the rest of the class the teacher explained the text and told us what we had to understand about it. We had to exam, one mid-semester and the other one at the end.

The class of Value chain was a little bit like the class of Negotiation and international business because we also had a book to read but in this class, we had to summarize a text from the book for each class and during the class the professor talked about the text and told us what was important to know. We had one exam at the end of the semester and one report case about the logistics of a company.

Our Spanish class was the same way than our Spanish class at IPAG, the teacher gave us class of grammar and conjugation but also about the Mexican way of live and the Mexican culture. We had to exam one mid-semester and the other one at the end.

My teacher of Human resources gave us presentation at each class and after 6 class, we had by group to answer a question she gave us about her presentations and we had to make a presentation to answer the question. Each group did it two times in the semester.

The International finance class was a class where the teacher gave us her presentation and explanation at each class and we had two exams one mid-semester and the other one at the end.

I found the classes in the TEC and the teachers really good, but the fact to have to choose his classes alone can be difficult for example my class of international finance was difficult because we were not of the same level there where student which was at their 8 or 9 semesters so the level was really hard.

But in general, everything was good and the teachers helped us a lot of.






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