Synthèse de mon expatriation

For my expatriation, I have chosen to go to Monterrey to study at “TEC de Monterrey” because of the university which is a reputed university in Mexico and in all Latin America but also because I could choose the language of my class, either in English or in Spanish and by this way I could improve my linguistics skills in both language.

To summarize my stay in Monterrey and in Mexico in general there is one sentence:

What an expatriation!

How can I summarize my stay in Monterrey if it’s not by this way?

I arrived in Monterrey the 26th of July 2017 with 3 friends of mine, we rent an apartment together.

The 2nd of August we had to choose the class we wanted, it was a little bit difficult because we did not really know what was the class we just had the name of the class and a few information about the organization of the class bit not really more information, so we had to be careful and to choose the good course.

We started the classes the 7th and I had 6 courses:

  • Negotiation and communication
  • Negotiation and international business
  • Value chain
  • Spanish
  • Human resources
  • International finance.

As I did not know what specialization I wanted, I decided to choose the classes in different sector to learn more about each class and to know more about what specialization I want to choose.

I finished the class the 2nd of December 2017. The level was more or less hard according to classes and the way of teaching was really not the same from one teacher to another one, but in general they were good teachers.

Also, we had a time of adaptation of about 2 weeks because of the language and of a new way to work.

I went to Monterrey to study but also to discover a new culture and a new way of live.

There, people are really friendly and help you whenever you have a problem or need something. The TEC has something similar of the “BDE” at IPAG which is call there “ISE”, this is a group of student which organize everything for the university like the activities, the trip and the parties.

They allow us to have a really good integration in the university but also in the city and in the country by helping us when we did not know something or when we needed something.

Talking about trip, we traveled around the country in a lot of cities like Mexico (the capital) Guanajuato, Cancun, Merida and other cities…

Mexico is really a beautiful country with a lot of historic and cultural place, but also amazing beaches.



To finish, I really enjoyed my stay in Monterrey and in Mexico in general it was for me a really good experience which allow me to develop my school skills but also to the develop my “personal skills” because this semester allowed me to learn more about myself.

Gracias Mexico!



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