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Trip in North East of Brazil

2017-01-09 14:07:31
My semester of classes ended at the beginnin ... Lire la suite

Synthesis of expatriation

2017-01-09 13:30:26
After this 6 months I can say that Braz ... Lire la suite

Volunteering in Ecuador

2017-01-09 11:31:38
Before going to Brazil for my semester; I de ... Lire la suite

My courses

2017-01-09 09:56:13
For my semester in UDESC I had to choose 4 c ... Lire la suite

Trip in Rio de Janeiro

2017-01-06 18:51:50
I spend one week in Rio de Janeiro from 21th ... Lire la suite

First days in Florianopolis

2017-01-06 17:22:27
I arrived in Brazil the 30th of July, I  ... Lire la suite