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Tiananmen Square in Beijing

2017-06-13 11:58:43
After a great weekend at Xi'an, it was ... Lire la suite

The Terracotta Army at Xi'an

2017-05-30 08:57:35
After months of study, it was time for me to ... Lire la suite

The Yunnan Provincial Museum in Kunming

2017-05-01 05:44:02
A Saturday, my C ... Lire la suite

Stone Forest in Kunming

2017-03-27 11:48:53
The week after our arrive in China, the Ipag ... Lire la suite

Chinese food

2017-03-27 10:58:03
Inside the campus, there are some place to e ... Lire la suite

Stores in China

2017-03-26 12:44:18
In the campus, we have several small stores ... Lire la suite