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Ma mission associative : La Banque Alimentaire IPAG

2018-01-10 20:26:52

The maple sirup

2017-05-01 21:32:47
 Maple syrup is a naturally sweetened s ... Lire la suite

The Mount Royal park, a great point of view on the city of Montréal

2017-04-21 13:18:50
The jewel of Montreal's city is, withou ... Lire la suite

My Travel in New York

2017-04-16 20:55:36
During April, I had the opportunity to go to ... Lire la suite

Travel in Québec City

2017-04-09 20:19:44
During my expatriation in Canada, I had the ... Lire la suite

Canada, a great sports Nation

2017-03-26 21:18:56
During my second semester of expatriation in ... Lire la suite