8 juin 2016

Synthèse du rapport d’étonnement

I arrived in England, on January the 3rd. During these six months in England, I had the opportunity to explore English Culture. Even if England is close to France, the culture is different. Some aspects of the English culture impressed me during my stay in England.




Concerning transports:  In Bath, there is a large number of bus lines. That is a good point. The negative point is that there is no map of the different stops in the buses, so you need to know where you want to stop or the name of your stop because it is not indicated. When you take the bus for the first time, you need to be with someone who knows the city and can indicate to you where you should stop. Moreover, the bus does not stop if you do not push the button “Stop”. But to push this button, you need to know where you are and that there is a bus stop near.
It is the same when you are waiting for the bus. If you do not make a sign to the bus driver, he does not stop.
Another problem with the buses in Bath is that the timetables are not reliable. Indeed, it is not useful to check the bus timetables on the application or not even at the bus stop because the predictions are rarely right.
So, since I am in England, I started to like the Parisian public transport.

Concerning doctor consultations and medicines: If you get sick, you need to register and then you can get an appointment with a doctor whenever you want. The good point is that it is free for French people.
Concerning the medicines, you can find all you want in supermarkets, except the ones for which you need a prescription. You can also find some medicines in the hospital for free.

Concerning shops: All the shops are open every day even on Sundays. That is quite astonishing for French people because we are used to see all shops closed on Sundays. But shops and bars close early, at around 5:00pm. So, when you work from 9:00am to 5:00pm, it is difficult to do shopping or have a coffee in a cafe after work during the week.

Concerning work: The way of doing business is really different. English people are friendlier. Relationships with customers are less formal than in France. It is normal to call the clients by their first name. It is also usual during a meeting to talk about what you did last weekend or what we are going to do the next weekend.

Concerning lifestyle: The way of living is also different. British people are more careful to security details, for example in the bathrooms, there is no switch on the wall for the light, you have to pull a wire that is coming from the roof. There are no plugs in the bathrooms.
English people respect the rules. They pay their ticket to take the bus, and they do not use illegal websites to download music. Whereas French people are used to breaking the rules in their country.

I got surprised by several elements in England. I had to adapt to their keyboard, their money, their units of measurements (miles, stone…), and their driving system (driver on the right) and also to the elements I talked about above. These astonishment points made my journey very profitable and full of surprises and discoveries. 

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