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Expatriation report summary

During my studies at Ipag Business School, one year is entirely devoted to abroad in order to improve our language skills and discover new cultures. For my part, I have chosen to do a full year in English, that is why, for my semester 5 I carried out a humanitarian mission to Cambodia during which I was teaching English and for my semester 6 I went in Ireland, specifically in Dublin, to perform my exchange programme at the Institute of Technology Tallaght. This experience allowed me to travel, to discover new cultures, meet new people, to enrich my personal experience, to develop my language and academic skills (mainly in Marketing).

During my university exchange programme in Dublin I encountered several difficulties. The first difficulty when I arrived was to find an accomodation, indeed, there are many requests in Dublin because many foreign students come to study in Ireland. The second difficulty I met was to constitute my timetable. In fact, this has been laborious. We had around twenty timetable of each program and we had to make ours from these papers, while not really knowing the content of the course and being careful not to juxtapose courses. Moreover, the third difficulty I met was to have all my courses in English. Finally, the last difficulty I met was the Irish accent. They speak very quickly and pronounced certain words differently. Even after four months in Ireland, I still do not understand completely Irish. 

I chose to go to an university in an English speaking country to improve my English, indeed, this one, before my departure, was low. After this experience abroad, I confirm that the best way to learn a language is immersion in the country. Indeed, I was every day in contact with people who speak English and I heard all day English. In addition, my lessons in English, my irish roommates, learn my lessons and make writtent records allowed me to progress a lot in English which is very important for me because I want to work internationally in the future. This semester Ipag has given us the opportunity to achieve, was, thus, for me very beneficial for the rest of my professional life. 

In terms of academic contributions, I learned a lot of things I had not seen at Ipag. This allowed me to enrich my knowledge and gain solid basis for my fourth year in « Marketing, Communication et Vente ».  Study abroad has also allowed me to discover new methods of teaching (more theoretical in Ireland than in France). Indeed, at Ipag I had used to study many  practical cases accompanied of oral presentations. However, in Ireland, in one semester it had only one oral presentation by course and few practical cases. This experience also allowed me to discover the marketing seen by an other country than France. In fact, each country due to its culture perceives differently marketing. Through this semester in Ireland, I have a different perspective to international dimension of marketing what seems to be enriching for my professional project. 

In terms of personnal contributions, this academic semester abroad is a rewarding experience with multiple benefits. I had the opportunity to experience it for 16 weeks and following are the benefits that it had on me. Firstly, this experience allowed me to strengthen my ability to adapt and improve my open-mindedness. Secondly, I learned a lot about myself during these four months. In fact, I had to integrate me alone in a city that I did not know with unknown people. I managed to overcome my shyness and to be more responsible in adapting me to this new life and integrating me into the university. Finally, I have learned to live with others foreigners. Indeed, I have used to live alone in Paris and I am not used to the share flat. This requires rules and respect of others. At the beginning of my semester, I thought not able to succeed this experience. This has allowed me to meet new people, to improve my English and to learn to live with several people with rules. 

I realize now how an experience like this one is rewarding and useful for my future professional life and that is why I encourage all people who have the opportunity to live such an experience to do so.

To conclude, I would like to thank again IPAG BS and Institute of Technology Tallaght for having offered me the opportunity to studying abroad during one semester and live an incredible experience in Ireland. This year abroad give me the desire to travel and discover new countries. Before this expatriation, I was not a lot attract by others countries, but today, I see me work abroad in the future. 

This academic semester has mainly allowed me to improve my level of English, which is very important for my future. My objective of the expatriation was to acquire a good level of English, today, I am able to understand English, to speak it and write it. This is sufficient for me to tell that my expatriation is a success.  





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