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St. Patrick Day

Before going booze and dancing to an intoxicating air of Irish music, take stock. You certainly guessed it, St. Patrick was not created by brewers to make us drink a staggering amount of beer or by the producers of clover or green cloth merchants who represents March 17, undoubtedly an important day. In fact, St. Patrick was born on American soil. Saint Patrick himself was not Irish but Scottish and originally the color of the day is not the emerald green but … blue !

As explained by the Time, many historians agree that the color of St. Patrick is blue and not green. This blue color can still be seen on ancient Irish flags and was used on the flags of the Irish Citizen Army.
Green St. Patrick made its appearance in 1798 during the Irish rebellion when the shamrock has become a symbol of nationalism.

The feast of Saint Patrick is a Christian holiday that celebrates, March 17, Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. Today, we wear green clothing (under penalty of being caught by his neighbors), we wear a green hat, preferably with a three-leaf clover, a Guinness in hand and let's go : it's Saint Patrick Day ! The national holiday of Ireland.

If you want to participate, there are only two words in order to respect : love to party and wear green, the color of Ireland ! Even the Dublin monuments adorn the hue for the occasion. Then, let yourself be guided by the crowd that will lead you to events in pubs and, for four days. Because, do not believe that St. Patrick is summarized in the parade ! In Dublin, the three days preceding are just an excuse to party.

The shows take to the streets: dancers, jugglers, musicians … and everything will crescendo. Then, the Big Day Out, day out. A huge street carnival takes place on Merrion Square, the center of the beautifully preserved Georgian Quarter. And the climax is reached the next day, St. Patrick.

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