The experience of apartment share

During this experience I have learned to live with others foreigners students. Indeed, I have used to live alone in Paris and I am not used to the share flat. This requires rules and respect of others. At the beginning of my semester, I thought not able to succeed this experience. In fact, I like to find me alone and quiet when I am at home.

I stayed four months in flat share with three other people. Despite the "encouragement" of my friends "you're not made to share your apartment '," you are too lonely", I have taken the plunge ! Finally, the collocation with three others it works ! I really enjoyed the share flat. This has allowed me to meet new people, to improve my English and to learn to live with several people with rules. 

However, compliance is essential to living together. Listening to others and understand their needs is essential for everything runs for the better. The best ? Make a small debrief from time to time with the others roommates to see if everyone feels good and if everything works.

In addition, apartment share enables discovery ! When we livre with others people, one is forced to conclude habits that differ from ours. We discuss, we debate, we share our views on lots of different topics, we meet friends from other etc. It's very rewarding, it opens us to others, we grow.

I am very happy to have been able to experience the flat share. It is an experience to live at least once in his life, on conditions that respecting others.

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