Trinity College

Trinity college

Another inescapable of Dublin : The Trinity College. It's is the only university in Dublin open to visitors. Renowned for the quality of its teaching and for rare books in its library, this school did figure of a real institution. It annually hosts thousands of visitors, and numerous courses to students from around the world. I also had the opportunity to rub shoulders with two Irish studying at Trinity College. Indeed, in my flat share, there were two Irish, thus, these latter talk me about this renowned university.

Considered one of the best universities in Europe, Trinity College has for centuries a prestigious reputation. Opened in 1592 by Queen Elizabeth I, the Dublin school would, indeed, welcomed within its walls many talented students, as well as big names in Irish history as Theobald Wolfetone, Oscar Wilde or the writer Samuel Beckett.

Originally, the university allowed its access only to Protestant students then began to tolerate the presence of Catholics in 1793. At that time, only men were permitted, and it was not until 1904 that women can access their education. Since its creation, Trinity College showed particularly selective, accepting in its walls only the elite, and the most promising students. Courses offered were as diverse and varied, and vowed each student to a promising future career. Over the centuries, the university is expanding gradually, building new buildings to offer courses to benefit a greater number of students. One can discover the very old buildings mixed with very modern.

Today, Trinity College has not lost its prestige : it provides each year 13,000 Irish and students from around the world as complete education as possible. Because of its history, it also welcomes thousands of visitors came to see the school and the treasures of his library.

I had the opportunity to visit twice the college. A first time for my student bus card, in fact, Trinity College is the center of tips students of the city. And a second time for visit it.

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