Guinness storehouse

Guinness is the inescapable to Dublin. Indeed, it is part of the culture of Dublin. That's why I went to visit the museum with a friend at the beginning of my stay in Dublin.

With the Guinness Storehouse, needless to say that Guinness think on a grand scale. Located in Dublin itself, it is the manufacture of Guinness, now converted into a giant museum dedicated to the history of the brand. The tour will give you access to a playful presentation of Guinness, and will close by drink of a free pint on the top floor of the museum with a panoramic view of Dublin.

Built on 7 floors, and built on an architecture shaped pint, Guinness museum is impressive ! Although it both as a place where Guinness promotes itself, it is caught quickly in the game, because of the quality of the exhibition. I must say that the Guinness museum really does not skimp on resources. Each presentation uses a life-size reconstruction and uses simply outsized elements. So you will not be surprised to discover a giant fountain on the first floor or the huge copper boiler of the second level !!

Everything is done to make you discover the Guinness manufacturing processes. You will, therefore, learn that the famous Irish beer uses water of great quality, barley, hops and yeast. Many machines of the era were installed here and there to tell you the story of Guinness, and this, with a lot of video, sound and impressive lights. 


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