Time to say « Goodbye »

As far as I’m concerned, this term in London was a wonderful and fantastic experience, that I will never forget. I could discover a new student city : Greenwich.

London is a nice place to enjoy our life as student but just for one semester because it is very expensive and sometimes I had to do different comprises to go out for instance. People are very friendly and civilized, that’s why I like the London life.  

I could improve my English language talking with people and meeting Erasmus students, but I think that London is not the best place to practice it because there are a lot of French people there.  

Thanks to my courses I discovered a new education system, improve my English skills but also 
develop my knowledges in a field.  

I had to adapt myself to a whole new system because it was very different from France. 
Nobody explain me correctly how the England System worked, that’s why I had to work hardly and to develop a real capacity of adaptation to understand how it worked  In addition, I could develop my knowledges in Management because courses that I chose were very interesting and I am pretty sure that it will be useful for my next year in Human Resources. Not only “Teams in Organizations” bus also “Project Planning & Management” helped me professionally but also personally because I learnt to manage a team and how to manage a conflict in organization. 

I improved my linguistic achievements thanks to my course of English Academic because I could strengthen my grammar and my writing skills but also to an English environment because I could practice with different students and speak more and more, better and better. I was very motivated to improve my English that’s why I gave different exercises to my teacher in order to correct my mistakes and have a better syntax. These two ways of improvement were very important 
for me because, I learnt different notions and I improved different skills in class that I could practice in my daily life afterwards. I have double chance to improve my oral skills and the written comprehension as well. Because of the different nationalities, I learnt to understand different accents and it helped me one more time to practice my linguistic achievements.  

I started after a few weeks to trust in my English. I really realized my improvement after 2 months in London because I tried to think in English and not in French. Now I think that I understand better and better and I am more at ease when I have to talk with people. If I don’t want to forget my knowledges in English, I have to continue practicing my English in France, even if it is not easy that’s why I heard different videos, and I wrote different articles, messages in English keeping in touch with my new Erasmus friends! 

I could enrich me personally and professionally. I gained more independence and maturity because I learnt adapt myself in a new culture and a new life managing my stress and my anxiety. In fact, I had to manage my schedule, take different decisions without my parents, manage my budget (eating, drinking) but also manage my time to work and to go out. My habits changed totally, and I needed to adapt myself because different thinks were not easy when I arrived.  

In addition, I am more open-minded. I decided to go to London for my term in University because I knew that the culture was very interesting. Not only I had to adapt my life but also I could meet different amazing people, who I am sure to keep in touch with and see again in a few months.  

Nevertheless, I was happy to come back home because event if I was just in England, sometimes it was complicated to manage the distance. 

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