English culture

When we travel, we discoreded different things. We need to adapt yourself to a new life, a new culture. Sometimes, it is very suprising because the habits are very different with our culture. 
         First of all, the living conditions were very surprising. In fact, English people used to eat anything at any time. For instance, they used to eat the diner at 6.00 pm and then at 10.00 pm. In addition, they don’t have healthy dishes. The tradition in England is to drink a beer at the end of the work that’s why at 5p.m, bars were very full. Nevertheless, what surprised me is that bars close very early, around 11.00 pm during the week.  
         The different of culture really surprised me because English people do all the contrary of us in France. For instance, they drive at the left, the cabins of bus are upside down, there are even different indications on the floor to warn pedestrians to look right or left. In addition, sometimes we could see different teenagers wearing a uniform. It was so upsetting because in France, it doesn’t exist! Another difference with France is the urban cleanliness. There is none waste in the street even for cigarette butt contrary to France. English people are more civilized than we are.  
         The last think that stroke me was the service in a bar or restaurant. In fact, there is no waiter to take our order. We must to order and pay in cash box, then waiter comes with our order. It was surprising because in France, the service is very important, and it is even a French tradition. In addition, in England, thanks to the contactless payment, we can use our credit card to take the bus or the underground. It’s very useful but if we don’t have this contactless payment, we need to get an Oster card because we can’t pay in cash in buses.  
Thanks to these differences, we can see that even if England is near of the France and just 3 hours with the Eurostar away, it exists another culture with different traditions. It was very interesting to compare these differences and to see that rules are more respected in other country than ours.  

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