Adaptation Time

When I arrived in England, the main difficulty was the adaptation of the language but also the system 
in England.  
          The English System was totally different from ours in France. In fact, each assessment had to be submitted on the university’s website. None of them are done in class because teachers considered that researches are done only by student, but he can just help us.  
          The other difficulty was the integration in my different class and to work with native students because everyone knew each other. In each course, there were different students that’s why it was very hard to speak and to keep in touch with one of them. In addition, we were only a little part of Erasmus, and sometimes I was the only one Erasmus student in my class, that’s why, it was very complicated to understand everything and to follow the rhythm. When I had to take notes, I didn’t know who I should speak with to have the course.  
          In addition, we had to be more independent because there were more requirements. When we wrote an essay, it was like a dissertation in France because we had to use different references by looking at websites, books… including the Harvard’s references. In fact, it was necessary to pick up the name of the author, the book’s name and the year of publication for each reference because it stand for 20% of my final grade.  
          Moreover, in the University of Greenwich, each student used the university’s website. It was very useful when we knew to use it but for Erasmus students, it was not easy because nobody told us where to find information about the submission or something else. In this page, we had access to everything but at the beginning it was very complicated to understand because a lot of information published on this page.  
After the small time of adaptation, all seems natural and the discussion becomes much richer and interesting. I was better and better at ease. I practiced my English language with different native students and when I didn’t understand omething, I didn’t hesitate to ask. During my term, I met different people, and I had to speak, hear and read English all the time. It was the best learning to improve my language. In addition, thanks to this system of references, now, I have got a better 
methodology. I work with a great rigor and I learnt a lot.  

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