Notting Hill & Camden

We have all already heard about Notting Hill, in particular thanks to the famous movie Love at first sight in Notting Hill. This colored district is a place where it is very pleasant to have a walk.

Nothing Hill is the place to be in UK.

What are you doing in Notting Hill ? 

- The Notting Hill Carnival : the last weekend of August. There is a parade, which extends over 5 Km with a rhythm of Caribbean music.

- The Portobello Market : the most famous market in London. There are mainly antiques and old objects. A lot of shops, cafes or restaurants are also know.There is an amazing atmosphere and people are very friendly. 

- Shopping in Notting Hill The travel book shop, is the shop, where the movie "Love at first sight at Notting Hill" was created. 


In contrary to Notting Hill, Camden is the punk quarter in London. That's why I decided to write about both in the same article. Two quarters, which presents London as a unique capital city with its wonderful quarters. 

In Camden, we can find punk shops, gothic tattou parlors or hippy booths… It exists an incredible mix of styles.


What are you doing in Camden ? 

camden-market-londres- Camden Market : unique place, with more than 1000 shops. It exists different collections (retro…).

- Camden Lock : Food market, where there is a great mix of cultures (paella, asian or argentine meats…). There are different flavors and we can travel all around the world.

Trendy bars : When the night falls, pubs and trendy bars fill up. There are different English rock concert, felted atmosphere with different music (Blues, Rock'n'roll…)

Little Venice : You can walk and embark on the barge moored on the canal. You will cross Regent's Park, an amazing and big park next to Camden, before arriving at Little Venice.





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