Trip in Brighton

During my term in England, I decided to enjoy visiting the South of England : Brighton.

For me, travel abroad is an opportunity to visit not only the place where I lived but also the surrounding areas. With a friend, we decided to go to Brighton just for one day because it is a nice place, which is next to the sea. We woud like to change our daily atmosphere and to beathe the sea air.

To go to Brighton, we used the train. We had just one hour. A lot of people used this transport because it is direct and cheaper. It is a popular destination for tourists because of its recognition as the "unofficial gay capital of the UK". There are quirky shopping areas, diverse communities but also known by its art and culture. 

Brighton is the small city, where we can do the city tour in one day.

In fact, we can visit :  


  Brighton Pavilion : a royal residence. It was built for the king  George IV as a residence of the seaside.










brightonpierThe Brighton Pier : an attraction park, with various fairgroung rides and roller coasters.







téléchargement (1)

  British Airways i360 : an observation tower, where we have a wonderful view across Brighton and the south coast. 




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