Fourth Moodle : Project Planning & Management

This course was my favorite one because the overall aim was to be able to make effective and efficient project management decisions. In fact, through this course, we worked the business understanding, the project management technique with the useful software, the tools to create a project plan but also the risk and change management for a project.

To resume, we learnt how can you lead efficiently a project. Tutorials was very attractive and understandable, but the best learning was to practice and to lead a real project. That’s why our assessment was a case study about a student presentation competition on the topic “How to lead a sustainable Business in 2018”. We had to determine the project name, project objectives, technical requirements, milestones… using the MS Project software to explain our reflection. At the end, we had to reflect about the stakeholder and the risk Management before concluding with the project evaluation. We had to write 5 000 words. This is the only one assessment because it includes each notion worked in class (100% of my grade). It was very interesting because it was necessary to do a real analysis, to determine each task and to wonder the good questions for a successful project. We had to have a professionalism and detailed approach to conclude the project.   

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