Third Moodle : Teams in Organizations

This course was an opportunity to deepen the understanding of Organizational Behaviour. It was very interesting because we worked on inter and intra group processes within organizations. Each tutorial was about a case study in order to understand how the human being behaves in an organization.

This course allowed to understand the factors that influence the effectiveness of teams at work in organization. Ethics and wellbeing were the main themes throughout the course.

The method of teaching was very interesting because we had to choose, in a team, a question selected by teacher and relate it with a modern case study, found on Internet and then to do an oral presentation (10% of my grade). Then we had to write an individual essay about it. This individual essay had to describe our case study identifying the issues of this case study and after that apply theoretical concepts of teams to explain and to answer the question (60% of my grade). For this essay, we had to do 2 000 words. The last assessment was an individual reflection of 1 000 words (30% of my grade). We had to reflect our own experience of working in the team (team’s feedback, strengths and areas of improvement, challenges when working in a team…).  

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