Second Moodle : Strategic Brand Management

I decided to choose this course, because thanks to my internship in Germany, I learnt different notions 
in Marketing.

In fact, there are not common points with the other courses, that I chose, but I wanted to discover the relationship between consumers and brands.  In fact, thanks to this course, I could discover the relationship between consumers and brands working on the cognitive processes (brand values and the personality) but also the implication of brand equity before concluding with the positioning. The notion, that interested me a lot of, was the management to develop and maintain sustainable brands because I know, what does mean management in Human Resources but not in Marketing. That’s why I could compare it.

The content was very interesting and the teacher, who taught it, was very dynamic so I appreciated a lot of this course. We had two assessments to gain 15 ECTS credits. First one was an individual essay, which represented 70% of my grade. We had to do 3 000 words about one of three topics selected by our teacher. In my case, it was about three psychology theories that have been adopted by brand strategists. The second one was a group presentation about Body Shop. We had to do a presentation about Body Shop in relation with the notions worked in tutorial. It represented 30% of my grade.  

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