Practical Tips

In England, the life is very expensive that’s why it was necessary to organize my travel.  
Regarding to the accommodation, I decided to live in one of the campus of Greenwich, at Cutty Sark. This campus is in

the center of Greenwich, with the subway 2 minutes away and just 5 minutes walking to go to the University.

I had everything nearby such as supermarkets (Sainsburys, Poundstore), bars, restaurants, the gym club, transports… 

In addition, my room was very functional. I got a private flat with a bathroom, a bed and a desk to work, nevertheless I

had a common kitchen with my three flatmates.  

A resume of my monthly expenditures :  
Accomodation  £500

Transport £80

Food  £250

Extras  £200

TOTAL £1130 (1280€) 

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