University of Greenwich

         The University of Greenwich is located in the southeast of London, just near of Canary Wharf. It is the one of the sites of the

Old Royal Naval College on the south bank of the river Thames in Greenwich. In 2010, it is one of five best universities of

London thanks to its leadership and its satisfaction of students. In fact, it has scooped top spot in the London League table

for the second year running. In addition, the University of Greenwich is known for its architecture because it has four

beautiful buildings, in which there are different amphitheaters, class rooms, computers available, a cafeteria and also a

chapel in one of them.  


In addition, it exists four faculties in the University of Greenwich, which are: 

– The Faculty of Architecture, Computing and Humanities

– The Faculty of Engineering and Science

– The Faculty of Education and Health – Business School 

         The University of Greenwich has a large area with different spaces for students. In fact, there are four campuses:

Cutty Sark, Daniel Defoe, Mc Millan and Avery Hill. Each campus offers to its students different services such as a

laundry, a reception, events (Valentine’s Event)… but also a sport hall, located at Avery Hill. Greenwich is a student’s

village, where they can study at the Library, go to the gym next to the University, just enjoy a coffee with friends at the

Starbuck but also meet people in different bar thanks to the Student Union, which organizes several events in order to

discover the student life in Greenwich.  In London, prices are very expensive but in Greenwich, it is attractive and there

are different discounts for students.  

          This University has also a last cultural specificity thanks to its Painted Hall which is known as the greatest piece of

decorative painting in England and has been described as “the Sistine Chapel of the UK”. In addition, with its awesome

architecture, famous movies have been shot, such as The Duchesse.  

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